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2017 Fall Choral and Theatre Festival Dates
November 5 - 8, 2017

Deadline to register: OCTOBER 6, 2017
Deadline for payment/cancellation: OCTOBER 20, 2017
Non-refundable cancellation: OCTOBER 20, 2017



Choral Festival Divisions

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The Cultural Arts Center of Dothan, Alabama is pleased to welcome you to the Fall Choral and Theatre Festival. Cultural Arts Center and Southeast Alabama Community Theatre want to spotlight the talents of your best and brightest students. Our goal is to present an outstanding performing arts experience. During your stay you may choose to visit the National Peanut Festival, or enjoy shopping, food and entertainment nearby.

The Cultural Arts Center is home to six arts-related organizations in the Wiregrass. Housed in the old Southside Elementary School, these organizations share a wonderful 300 seat acoustically-sound auditorium and a smaller one hundred seat banquet hall as performance venues. We have a number of rehearsal pianos, a Kawai Grand Piano in the performance hall, and a full sound system should you require recorded music. Dressing rooms and classrooms are available, along with holding areas and a Green Room for theatre students.

The Cultural Arts Center and Southeast Alabama Community Theatre are non-profit organizations that have a mission to introduce and encourage youth in the arts. We join together in securing qualified adjudicators and volunteers to assist with the festival, and provide awards for excellence. The Choral & Theatre Festival may spark extra drive and determination to launch a successful school year, or provide valuable experience in preparing for district, regional, and state competitions.

All Choral Festival applications will be reviewed and paid to the Cultural Arts Center. You may register by downloading and faxing, mailing, or emailing forms from this website to...

Choral & Theatre Forms
909 South St. Andrews Street
Dothan, AL – 36301



All Theatre Festival applications will be reviewed and paid to Southeast Alabama Community Theatre. You may register ONLINE at, or by downloading, faxing or mailing forms located at to the address listed below.

Deadline to register: OCTOBER 6, 2017
Deadline for payment/cancellation: OCTOBER 20, 2017
Non-refundable cancellation: OCTOBER 20, 2017

Ann Cotton
Executive Director
334.699.2787, phone
Susan Brolund
Choral Coordinator
334.618.1766, phone
Brook Phillips
Theatre Coordinator
334.794.0400, phone

Fax 334.699.2816

Mailing Address for Choral & Theatre Forms: 
909 South St. Andrews Street – Dothan, AL – 36301

Email forms to:


Choral Competition

Choral Students and Show Choirs must provide 3 original copies of each piece of music with measures numbered and the school name clearly labeled when you arrive the day of the festival. If your music is copied, please provide permission from the publisher to use the music.

If your choir is performing to recorded music, present your CD at the registration table upon arrival so that our sound engineer may test your music ahead of your performance time.

Choirs may perform 2 songs of choice.

Choral risers will accommodate 100 students

A Kawai grand piano is available at floor level. We will also have a piano at stage level for those directors who must also accompany their students.

Show choirs may perform a program of choice no longer than 15 minutes

The stage is 32 feet wide and 27 feet deep. Wing space is available on both sides of the stage.

The grand (curtain) will be closed to allow students to get in place. Please designate on the CD cover your directions for opening the curtain and starting music. (I.e. Do your students come on stage before or after the music starts?)

Soloists will compete in a room with one judge, no parents present. Parents will wait in a designated area.

The student may have an accompanist or use recorded music.

One piece of sheet music must be turned in at registration for the soloist.


Theatre Competition

Drama students and groups must provide a copy of your royalty agreement and/or permission-to-cut for any published piece presented. Alternatively, the instructor may provide a letter with signature indicating the students have permission to perform the selected cuts.

Any cutting from published or original work is acceptable as long as it is presented within the given time period.

The selections should have the following characteristics:

Suitable for middle or high school cast, school, and community.

In good taste with regard to language and subject matter.

An example of good literature.

Emphasis on direction, characterization, and simplicity of production.

Students should present 3 copies of each dramatic presentation for the judges at registration.

Each participating Group or Student should be ready to perform at the scheduled time. Monologues shall be allowed 3 minutes. Duets shall be allowed 5 minutes. Scenes shall be allowed 10 minutes. Any presentation breaking this rule will be eliminated from consideration for a Superior rating.

No sets are permitted at the Cultural Arts Center Fall Choral & Theatre Festival. A 2’ x 4’ table and two chairs are provided on stage for optional use during a dramatic presentation. Groups or Students are allowed limited properties to enhance the presentation, but all materials are to be kept and maintained with the school or performance group and must move with the student or group. There is no designated area for materials to be “left” during observation of other schools or performances. We encourage students and groups to embrace the suspension of disbelief with imagined props and set. Instructors need to communicate concerns to the Festival Theatre Director prior to the Festival event. The stage itself is approximately 24’ wide x 16’ deep.





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