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(Minimum of 5 must register and pay for class to be held)

ADULT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP with Chelsea Nelson. (Adults and teens age 16+):    Do you have a digital SLR camera and want to learn to tap into its potential? Let Chelsea take your creativity and your fancy-pants camera to another level with the Basic Photography: Learn Your Digital SLR CLASS! In this class you will learn how to take better pictures of your kids, family and much more. Your investment will include basic details about your camera (AKA “What does this button do?”), finding the best light, composition, hands on practice, a tips and tricks booklet and Q&A Space is limited to only 10 students to allow for plenty of one-on- one time and opportunities to shoot for practice with the group.
Workshop dates: July 10-13 (Mon-Thurs)
Cost is $75. Please bring to class: a digital SLR camera and lens(es), pen and paper for notes.

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HIGH SCHOOL ART CAMP with Chelsea Nelson (Grades 9th – 11th ):   There is a need for art for our High Schoolers in this area and we want to fulfill it! This interactive camp will cover the basics of art and we will journey through various mediums and techniques throughout this camp to let everyone get familiar with as many mediums as possible. We will create one large collaborative piece at the Messy Space as well as several smaller take-home projects from each creative exercise. This camp will be explorative and not just sitting at a desk! We will have lots of fun harnessing our creativity!
Camp Dates: July 10-13 (Mon-Thur)
9:00-12:00 noon
Camp Cost: $55. Please bring with you
a sketchbook and pencil.
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ADAPTIVE NEEDS ART CAMP with Chelsea Nelson:     Join area students as Chelsea helps you create beautiful art with as much or as little hands-on help necessary. We want our students to have as much independence as they are capable of so they can be proud and learn that they too can make beautiful things with their own two hands! We will use various mediums to create a different project each day while also learning about the basic elements of art. Students must have a chaperone present to assist with projects and their personal needs. Please make check out to Chelsea Nelson. Ages vary depending on interest in this camp. Please contact us if you are interested, as we may have two age groups depending on interest.    
Camp Dates July 17-20 (Mon-Thurs)
9:00-11:30 in the Messy Space Building
Cost: $45. Includes all supplies needed for each project.
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CALLIGRAPHY & HAND LETTERING CLASS with Chelsea Nelson (Adults and teens 16+):   Do you have a love for beautiful lettering and words? Have you been browsing Pinterest and looking at all the beautiful lettering and calligraphy and said, “I really wish I could do that!”? Well, it’s your time to shine! Chelsea will teach you all the tips and tricks for various methods and styles of learning this lost art! You too can leave this workshop creating beautiful word art!  
Camp Dates: July 24-27 (Mon-Thur)
Camp Cost: $45
Class includes all necessary supplies for various techniques, a workbook and practice sheets. Please bring a sketchbook and a pencil for practice and notes

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MOM & Me art class                    

Family Paint Night                        
July 20th                                          
$15 each person
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Adult Pottery Classes                   
Thurs nights                                    
$60/mo or $15/class
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Adventures in Acrylics  
Tues nights        
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(Camps require a minimum of 10 paid registrations to be held- classes require a minimum of 5 paid registrations)

   Lovers of all things art will enjoy this exploratory camp as they rotate to try on a variety of art media. Students will explore the visual arts (watercolor, acrylic, collage, mixed media); textile arts (weaving, printmaking, dyeing), and clay arts (hand building, wheel work, sculpture).
CAMP FULL-June 5-9 (Mon-Fri)   
CAMP TIME:  1:00-4:00    
CAMP AGES:  9-12    
COST : $45 per child
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WEE FOLKS CAMP:   Every young child wants to go to camp, so we have an experience designed just for the very young. Come explore a variety of “hands on” visual arts, clay, and textile arts as they rotate instructors for a jam packed week of art immersion.  Clothing needed:  please bring a BIG shirt to get art messiness on, and a snack in a lunch box with their name on it.
CAMP FULL-CAMP DATES:  June 12-16      
CAMP AGES: age 4 to 7  
CAMP TIME:  1:00-4:00
COST:  $45 per child


PERFORMING ARTS UNIVERSITY:  Lovers of all arts performing will get a chance to explore music, dance, and theatre in this one week camp as they rotate from class to class. Students will try on a variety of musical instruments (based on age group), a combo of jazz and hip hop dance style, and rehearse and perform a comedy skit. Camp will end with a variety show for Parents in each of the arts disciplines they have explored! No special attire needed!
The June 19-23 camp did not make - we will refund those who paid for this session.

July 17-21    
CAMP TIME: 1:00-4:00    
$50 per child.

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CAMP FULL- MOANA CAMP:  Get ready to create some awesome artwork centered on Disney’s “Moana”! Your student will spend the week making aquatic painting, designing clay pieces and other mixed media designs. We will make Moana’s necklace, tikis, leis, a Popsicle raft, hair flower clips, and more. In the textile side create wall hanging fish, a grass skirt, headdress, and sarong.
CAMP DATES: June 26-29 (Mon-Thursday)     
CAMP TIME: 9:00-12:00         
CAMP AGES: 8-12    
COST: $ 85.00 per child.


CAMP FULL- THINK OUTSIDE THE HAT WITH DR. SEUSS: You’ve seen them, those awesome crazy creations of Dr. Seuss, and we will make them in this camp. Truffle Trees, Cat and the Hat Headbands, Horton Craft, Leopard puppets for a “Put Me in The Zoo”, design Thing 1 and Thing 2, and eat a Dr. Seuss inspired snack! We are going to have fun and so are you!        
CAMP DATES:  JUNE 26-29     
CAMP TIME: 1:00-4:00    
CAMP AGES: 5-8     
COST: $40 per child

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CAMP FULL- ALL BOY’S LEGO CAMP: If your little boy is all about building, playing, and creating, this is the camp for you. We will build different designs with Lego, play Lego games, eat Lego snacks, and do Lego arts and crafts. All hands on.          
CAMP DATES:  July 24 & 25     
CAMP TIME: 9:00-11:00         
CAMP AGES: 5-10    
COST: $40 per child.  

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CAMP IS FULL- PRINCESS CAMP FOR GIRLS:    If your little princess likes crowns, tutus, jewelry and tea parties, this is the camp for her! We will be making our own crowns, dress ups, beading our own necklaces and bracelets, and of course all royalty needs a proper tea! We will have one with teas from Mrs. Birdie’s tea cart!  The last day of camp we will beautify ourselves in painting our nails, putting on “makeup”, dressing up in our finery we made, and sitting down to have tea and crumpets with our Mamas and Grandmas!                                                                                                                                                      

CAMP DATES:  July 24-26(Mon-Wed)
CAMP TIME: 1:00-4:00       
COST: $50 per child.  

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POTTERY CLASS:   3 Four day camps offered for youth pottery enthusiasts:                                                                                                
June 19-22  
AGES 9 and up     
come learn the basics in working with clay and how your hands shape and mold and texturize.   
COST: $40
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July 10-13  
AGES 11 and up  
 This camp only has 4 openings so that every student has at least 2 hours on the wheel with individualized instruction. Students must have already taken a basic hand-building class before trying this one.
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JULY 10-13  1:00-3:00   AGES 10 and up  
  This takes the student to the next level and teaches them in depth strategies for molding, shaping, texturizing, adding details, cut outs, embellishments, all with their hands and tools.
Cost: $50
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