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Fall Into The Arts at the Cultural Arts Center
The Cultural Arts Center is pleased to announce the lineup of Fall Session Adult and Children’s Exploratory Art Classes to be held at the Cultural Arts Center in the Messy Space building.
All classes are held in The Messy Space building except for dance classes, which are held in the CAC Dance Studio.

Children’s Classes
Ballet and Contemporary Dance Class: We are proud to offer our beginner ballet classes again this year for both pre-school ages 3-4, and school age students ages 5-12. No experience is needed. Students will learn foot and hand positions, basic terminology of ballet and contemporary dance, basic choreography, dance count, hand and facial movements.  Parents will need to provide black leotards, pink or white tights, and ballet shoes for their young students. INSTRUCTOR: Veronica Taylor
CLASS DAY:  Mondays starting September 11, 2017 (class dates this semester will be September 11, 18, 23, October 2,9, 23,30, Nov 13, 27, and December 4 (performance and class; NO Classes October 16, November 6, 20)
3:30-4:00  PRE-K (ages 3, 4) 
4:00-4:45  BALLET 1 (ages 5-9)
4:45-5:45 BALLET 2 (ages 10-12)
COST: $20 a month for Pre-K; $30 a month for Ballet 1 & 2
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FREESTYLE WITH STYLE-Contemporary Dance Class: We welcome back for this short series of classes, Santavian McKinnie, Dancer from PR Jazz and home for a brief spell. Santa will bring to the floor his love of hip hop and contemporary jazz and free style dance moves, and you can learn right along with him. High intensity dancing, well-choreographed moves that you can easily pick up. No special clothing or shoes required, just wear shorts and shirts you can move in easily. Ready to check out some new moves, then this is the class for you. Boys & girls will love this class!
CLASS DAYS: Tuesdays starting September 12 – November 28.  
(No classes October 17, November 7, 21)
CLASS TIME: 3:45-4:45 p.m.
AGE:  8-11
COST: $30
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DRAWING 101:   Drawing is all about learning to draw what you see. This class stresses the use of proportion, perspective, value, texture, contrast, and line quality to produce strong drawings. Lessons are supplemented with instructor demonstrations and individual coaching. Subject matter will be provided in the form of still life, models, or printed material. BRING YOUR OWN SKETCH PAD, sketch pencils and erasers to the class.   INSTRUCTOR: Dawn Clay                                                                                                                                                                   
starting September 12 – November 28   (NO Classes October 17, Nov 7, 21).                                                                                 
CLASS TIME: 4:00-5:00 p.m.
AGE:  9-14                                                                                                                                                              
COST: $25
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BEGINNERS POTTERY STUDIO:  Love using your hands to create? Then clay class is for you. Come learn the basics of hand building with clay, use of tools for design and impression, forming shapes and defining edges as you create with clay. This class is for students who have never “played with clay” but want to learn. You will need this class before you move to the wheel and more advanced work. INSTRUCTOR: Lynn Koning
CLASS DATES:  Tuesdays starting October 3 through November 28                
(No classes October 17, November 7, 21)
CLASS TIME:  3:30-4:30
AGE:  9-14
COST:  $45 includes clay, firings, glazes
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POTTERY STUDIO WHEEL CLASS: this is the class for the more advanced student. Learn or improve your knowledge and skills on the wheel as you move through the various levels of wheel skills, design, adhesion, bonding, and finishing. Bring your own ideas of what YOU want to create on the wheel and let Ms. Lynn help you achieve your ideas. MUST be proficient in hand-building or had clay classes with Ms. Lynn before to take this class. INSTRUCTOR: Lynn Koning.
CLASS DATES:  Tuesdays starting October 3 through November 28                                                                                                                                                                
(No classes October 17, November 7, 21)
CLASS TIME:  4:30-5:30
AGE:  9-14
COST:  $60, includes clay, firings, and glazes
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PAINTING WITH ACRYLICS 101:  Explore the art movement of Impressionism during this fun and highly creative painting class. Students will explore a variety of Impressionist Artists and create their own impressionist painting on canvas.  Learn how the masters used light, color, and the blurring of lines to create their masterpieces as well as a basic vocabulary of art terms, concepts, and principles related to acrylics and impressionism.  INSTRUCTOR:  Dawn Clay                                                                                                               
CLASS DATES:   Wednesdays starting September 13- November 29 (No classes October 18, November 8, 22)                                                 
CLASS TIME:    4:30-5:30 p.m.        
AGE:  10-14              
COST:  $45, includes all supplies
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Fall Into The Arts at the Cultural Arts Center

Adult Classes

SEA LIFE: The Art of Acrylic Impressionism:  come explore unique concepts in the application of acrylic on canvas, layering, color theory, and outlining as we paint several canvases with “sea life” from the Gulf. Perfect for gift giving at Christmas or your beach home next summer. INSTRUCTOR:  Dawn Clay
Wednesdays, September 13-November 15 (NO classes Oct 18, Nov 8)
10:00-12:00 a.m.    
COST: $75, all supplies provided including canvas
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POTTERY STUDIO: Come learn to “play in the clay” as you learn the basics of hand-building with clay and then move to wheel work in this build on class by class concept. Bring your ideas to class from your favorite website or Pinterest and let INSTRUCTOR Lynn Koning show you how to bring it to life. This class has a wide variety of skills levels in it, and all are willing to learn and show you what they know. Plenty of 1 on 1 instruction, and so much fun and camaraderie. Class includes all tools, firings, and clay. You purchase clay based on the project at hand.
Thursdays at 6:00-7:30 p.m.  No start or end date just jump on in. COST:  $60 a month plus clay cost.
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FROM MY HAND TO YOURS: Decorating for Christmas Workshop
Spend Saturdays with us and make plenty of items to get ready for the Christmas Season 
Students can choose between three different workshops or take all 3.

10/28, 10 – 4, bring your lunch: will learn basic printmaking for hand cut bock print Christmas Cards with handmade envelopes;

11/4, 10 – 4, bring your lunch: make felted Christmas and Holiday ornaments for the tree and cookie cutters and Styrofoam balls;

11/18, 9:30 – 5:00, learn to make an altered t-shirt using hand-sewing. We will decorate the jacket with felted buttons we make ourselves. Students must bring 2 oversized t-shirts to class for this portion of the project. (Buy a T-shirt with a design on one and one plain in complementary colors. DO NOT BRING WHITE T-SHIRTS!!  Wash and dry them completely.
Make sure they are slightly oversized as we construct a jacket from them.) 
Make sure they fit you too but are somewhat loose as we construct a jacket from them.) 

INSTRUCTOR:   Alberta Keener
AGES: 11 – Adult
Don’t forget to bring your lunch and snacks!
COST:  $70 per workshop, all supplies provided except t-shirts for jackets!
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Each class requires a minimum of 5 students to register or the class will be cancelled. Registrations must be turned in by September 7 to determine if class has made. If class has not made by that date we will cancel the class and refund any registrations we have.





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